Keera Klauss works as a composer, artist and singer. She also plays different instruments as a multi-instrumentalist. Awardee of international academical competitions and avant-garde festivals: Winner of Petrof’s nationwide contest of composers 2011, «International competition of young Performers» in Viena 2009, took a part in Jazz Koktebell festival 2010, APozicia 2012, plays in multiply concerts and makes show as a performer.

Keera graduated music schools violine and piano classes with honours, College Rimskogo-Korsakogo, studied in Saint-Petersburg’s Conservatory Rimskogo-Korsakogo and SPb. Pedagogical University of Hercena which graduated with honours also. Then she was invited by grandee to America on scolarships, but chosen studied in University of Herzena to master’s degree, where educated in violine, vocal (different stiles), directors and many other classes. During this time Keera studies many different modern music stiles, such us jazz, folk, argentinian tango and ect, specialize of masters MKT — music-computer technology, prepearing in arrangement’s subject.

Keera compose here pieces of performance with here electric and acustic piano, also using classical violin in here creativity of smoll forms, (miniatures), she also uses electric instrument in here program with processor. Variety of images as in Kira’s music as in here ganeral fine art, her vision, creations stories, creative ideological combine relaxed ease, accessibility of performance and feed (presentation) modern audience, and in the same time professionalism and meaningfullness . Her music always beautiful, exquisitely graceful and elegant Always beautiful sounding, Live sound of master’s instrument, virtuoso. Singer perform as with popular progrfm as wtih author’s, she feel good which music can suit to varying (each) conditions, can evaluate any situation and choose the right repertoire. The practice of work in different stages, from the restorants to the Chapell, gives artist good esperience , who will not confused even in the most unpredictable situation. Anyway for appurtunity perform in your place welcomed the presence of sound-amplifying equipment, and enjoy full value of here voice and voice of here instruments!

At this time Keera working all around the world in a big internetional companies. Take a part in shows, making a different concerts on a big range of stages, and keep improving her skills in her wide field interests, such an acting , dancing and stand up schools.


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